What to do in Roppongi, Tokyo


Ropponggi has always been my choice for a short stay when I book accomodation in Tokyo. It’s one of the liveliest district in Tokyo where many bars and clubs are located. In Tokyo, I always choose to stay in the middle of the city or walking distance to restaurants and cafes because subway closes at midnight and cabbing is very expensive in Japan. Here’s a few places that I always visit whenever I’m in Tokyo.

Roppongi Hills is possibly the best place to shoot autumn leaves with the least people (literally only a few people here) is Mohri Garden at Roppongi Hills. The garden is attached to the mall and MORI Building, where Tokyo Viewing Deck is. Besides that, there’re plenty of restaurants and cafes here too.

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Tokyo Tower view from Mori Building

This photo is taken at the viewing deck on the ground floor.


They’re plenty of things to do in Roppongi. Tsutaya Starbucks is my preferred late hang out joint when everywhere is closed. I also come here a lot with friends after dinner for a cuppa before heading to the club. This bookstore cafe is located at the intersection of Roppongi Hills right opposite the famous club 1Oak. Winter illumination can be seen from first floor of Tsutaya.

Winter Illumination in Tokyo

Roppongi Hills is the most popular spot for winter illumination. As Christmas is approaching, Keyazaki Street is lined with trees decorated with LED lights. The event begins from 5th Nov till 25th Nov.

November is the best month to visit Japan as it’s the change of season and you get to see autumn leaves and winter illumination both at once. The weather is chilly so I get to stay outdoor a lot during this time. There’re so many activities to do in Roppongi but it’s too much to share on one blog post hence I’ll write a separate blog post next time.

Another place I run to during emergency when I need to buy stuff at night is Don Quijote. This place opens 24 hours and most of the basic living stuff you need is available here at a good price.





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