Pattaya Viewtalay Marina Villa Review

There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than being surrounded by nature. Grateful for the opportunity to stay in this idyllic villa set within a stunning tropical landscape. It’s a state of art housing project to satisfy those who desire to live in a luxurious tropical lifestyle. Every villa comes with a private pool with jacuzzi installed for those who love water therapy, poolside pavilion, BBQ pit and a garage that fits 2 cars. A yacht berth is included for units next to the canal.

The villa is seated on a land area of 512m2 surrounded by greeneries and water feature. The pool can be seen from every bedroom. I’m impressed with the beauty of this place, the design is every single details (materials, furnitures, art piece) are handpicked by the developer. Every villa has different interior upon buyer’s request, how cool is that? Steps away is Jomtien Beach where Glasshouse is.

Pattaya Viewtalay Pool

Water pavilion


There are 62 villas in total. Each unit is fully furnished. A yacht berth is provided for units next to the canal. I had a hard time finding my villa when I get home because there’s no house number plate and every villa looks the same from the outside. I literally tried opening a few of my neighbour’s door. I supposed this is for privacy and security reason. Even the grab driver didn’t know where to pick me up and I didn’t know how to explain to him either. Lol it was a funny situation.

View Talay Marina is the only development in Pattaya that has a private yacht pier. For villas located next to the canal, you can park your yacht in front of the property. Sounds like great fun and extra floating guest rooms ! Despite of how luxury it may look, you’ll be surprise that it’s actually reasonably priced. For the same price, you can only get an empty studio unit in KL city centre and possibly a HDB flat in Singapore.

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