How Music Breathe Life Into A Space

Soul food mixtape

This blog is about how music breathe life into a space. I’m very spiritually involved in music and I believe that it has frequency so becareful on your choice of songs (it doesn’t matter what genre) because it could make or break your day. To be honest, I keep the music playing almost 24/7 in my room even when I’m out as I believe that it could fill up the space with positive energy, it’s like ritual cleansing you know what I mean.. Lol. Of course it’s not always EDM in fact it’s nothing too clubby most of the time. (I’ll discuss this in my next blog post)

Have you ever experience dining at a fine restaurant with the perfect setting, cozy ambient that plays loud music that affects your appetite? It’s because eating engages all of the senses. Including hearing.

Research shows that when you’re surrounded by very high decibel level, your taste perception goes down. So loud music means the food will have less flavor. It also it works the same in an airplane where you have a high decibel level. And that’s one of the reasons why you get less taste perception on an airplane.”

Same goes to getting the music right at the gym. High tempo music increases the heart rate which helps prepare your body for exercise, and the rhythms of music help with motor coordination hence you move more fluidly and reduce chance of injury. Everyone has that go-to song that gets you “in the zone.” I personally love listening to hip hop/rap or trap when i workout as I feel like a ‘gangsta’ and could hustle a little more in the gym. Sometimes i listen to my own mixtape which have a compilation of my favourite high tempo tracks with highly motivational lyrics (works good for cardio) (download link below) Hence hit the gym with a good playlist that works for you and your body will thank you later. Gyms are all about bettering yourself, and your music should reflect that!

Music also influence buying behavior. Have you every walk past a shop that’s playing tunes that you like or can relate and automatically you set foot into the shop? You ended up buying all the clothes that you might not wear because the music is good. Well, this only happen to girls I supposed as girls are easily distracted if their senses are engaged. If it makes you happy or cool you might even snatch a few items off rack. The choice of music played in a retail shop could also determine the concept and feel of a fashion brand. Besides that, research also shows that playing classical or high society music in a wine shop could make you pick more expensive bottle. Do you feel that during the festive season, you tend to buy more holiday-related goods when Christmas music is playing in the store hence making you spend more. With that said, don’t be tricked into impulsive buying/purchase !

I’m in the midst of compiling a playlist for your daily listening. It will be up soon, meanwhile I hope you enjoy this mix! Feel free to leave a comment below so I can improve to cater to everyone’s music taste !

Happy Listening !

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