My experience at teamLab Borderless @ Mori Building Digital Art Museum

I can’t rave enough about this place. I’d eye orgasm throughout the whole experience. teamLab Borderless was unveiled in Odaiba on June 21st and is billed as the world’s first digital art museum. There’re 2 teamlab, Borderless and Planet. The more frequented one is Borderless but I reckon you should definitely check out both as they both have different concept. Ticket is priced at JPY 3200 for adult and JPY1000 for under 14.

I couldn’t find any information online on how much time is needed to tour the whole place hence I allocated 3 hours but it wasn’t enough, well at least for me as I’d to shoot, film with my phone and camera, take thousands of photos, go on Live, and there’s a long que leading to some of the popular rooms (approximately 30 mins wait). We didn’t get to go to all the rooms due to long waiting line and we rushed through some because we were too tired towards the end. Anyways, let the photos do its talking!



This is the largest room and it’s so soothing with waterfall like light display. I struggled for 5 mins or more to capture this pic as it’s a slope and slippery, I kept sliding down so I had to crawl to get to the spot I want my photos to be taken. So here’s picture of Perception vs. Reality. It really ain’t easy to capture a photo without humans in the frame so the struggle is real.





We stayed in this room to R&R. It’s so peaceful I want to be here forever. I got so inspired I’m planning to turn my future property into a mini teamlab and call it TeamLabi. Now and then, I try to go to an art or music show in every city I travel to. If you know of any high quality art museum do share on the comment below.



This room is filled with multiple LEDs. We can interact with the light by using Teamlab app on our smartphone to select elements that make up the Crystal Universe. The museum has wifi so it’s a good news for smart phone junkies.

All the artwork is interactive, influences and blends with one another. The digital displays also change constantly which results in a continuously changing art space with no two visits being exactly the same.


Love this room because it has the least humans so it’s easier to shoot. Look how I blend into the wave. I wish you can hear the music in this room, it’ll literally take all your worries away. So serene. Love the sound of wave. Oh here’s a tip. Wear white so you get to blend into the light display and be a human form in art. You can be an art too … do I sound artsy ?

I’ve tons of photos of this magical place but I’m not gonna show you more or there’ll be no surprises when you visit for yourself. Thanks for reading. I’ll be be uploading a few more blog posts from my Japan trip. Stay tuned !



Tips :

  1. Buy tickets online as on site ticket may run out.
  2. Download Teamlab app  beforehand. The museum has free wifi, so you can scan a QR code at the entrance to download the app.
  3. Wear white or light coloured clothing so that the artwork reflect on your clothes
  4. Do not wear heels as some rooms get a bit adventurous that require you to climb.
  5. Some rooms have mirrors on the floor so short skirt is not recommended.


Ticket                  :            JPY 3200 (Adult)  / JPY 1000 (under 14 years old)

Address              :             1-3-8 Odaiba Palette Town, Aomi, Koto 135-0064, Tokyo Prefecture

Access                :            Tokyo Teleport or Aomi Station

Business hour    :

Mon ~ Thu :                     10:00 ~ 19:00
Fri, Sat & Holiday Eve :   10:00 ~ 21:00
Sun & Holiday :                10:00 – 20:00




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