Hansar Hotel (Best Boutique Hotel in Bangkok)

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok and a short one minute walk to Ratchadamri BTS station, Hansar Hotel offers not only convenience but peace of mind in the midst of our bustling city.  The award-winning Hansar brand managed by Plan Do See Group aims to be the hotel choice for wellness-conscious travellers in Bangkok. Hansar Hotel is surrounded by lush greenery that allows guests to rejuvenate after a long day out.

We were greeted with a big smile by the staffs upon arrival. They get us seated, brought us welcome tea and made us feel comfortable while they processed our check in. It was a seamless check-in where you don’t have to wait in line. Hansar Hotel definitely cares about how their guests feel on a personal level because after a long flight and ride from the airport battling Bangkok traffic, I just want to feel welcomed and be comfortable as soon as I reach my hotel. Small gestures and thoughtful amenities mean a lot sometimes.




After getting my room card, a staff led me to my room and there were another staff waiting in my room to show me where the switches are and debrief me about the facilities at Hansar. Hospitality on point! Their service exceeded the standard we usually get for the room rate they offer. I’m checked into a studio suite, there’s a large bathroom that’s adjoined to the bedroom which has a plenty of sunlight from the window. The bed is super comfy, it’s soft and firm at the same time, you get to choose pillow types too. All the beverages in the fridge including the beers are complimentary for this room type and are replenished on a daily basis.



After getting refreshed, we went down to get some coffee at Elfin Bar before headed to Siam Square which is just one station away and Central World (2 stops away) to do some shopping. FYI Hansar is famous for it’s home brew coffee that is served in a stylish bottle.




One of the thing that I want to rave about is the water and milk choices they have at breakfast. I’ve never seen a hotel or anywhere that served different PH water, I’m so impressed !!! I’m a water person and I’d spend on expensive water because trust me it really makes a difference to your skin. Higher PH indicates higher alkaline level. I picked the lower PH because it’s closest to pure water that has a PH of 7. I love how much this hotel put their guest need at heart that they go to the extend of making their own milk and serve different options of milk to cater for vegans and lactose intolerance people. Fresh home made almond milk latte and freshly baked bread every morning starts my day with a bang ! In love you Hansar, you put people at heart !





The spa was sooo amazing that words can’t describe. 

Overall Experience

Hansar gives a lot of thoughts into giving their guests a luxury experience with a sense of home. The coziness of this hotel can be felt as soon as I enter the hotel. Both the ambience, and the hospitality makes me feel like home. Staffs are very friendly and helpful, they always initiated to assist me and other guests even though I didn’t ask for it. This shows how passionate they are with their job and it also means that they’re happy working there. The private check in process and ala carte breakfast menu makes me feel exclusive although selection is limited but every dish has a balanced nutrients and milk options that caters for non dairy drinker is very thoughtful. If you’re looking for a hotel that has zen ambience amidst a bustling city without overspending and sacrificing convenience, Hansar Hotel is the right choice ! #nikkiapprovedhotel



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